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There is a lot of things to keep in check with, during the confirmation period. Not only the dress, but the jewellery will have to be found as well.
Here we have created some examples, in the hopes of giving you some inspiration towards making your own jewellery for the big event.
There is a lot of possibilities in beautiful jewellery pieces. For instance, some pieces with pearls or an exquisite piece with faith, hope and love.


Floating earrings with pearls

Øreringe med ferskvandsperler

Necklace with pearl

Halskæde med ferskvandsperler

Materials and procedure for these two pieces can be found under the  under the simple pearl jewelry post.

It is an earlier blog post where you will be able find further inspiration in the jewellery with pearls directory.

Hjerte øreringe i sølv

Earstuds with hearts



These earstuds with hearts, 6mm in sterling silver can be used as is. The shown earstud is also available in gilded sterling silver and black sterling silver.
As an alternative you can also choose to use a leather heart, behind the silver heart. The leather hearts are available in a variety of colors.

Armbånd til konfirmationen med seed beads og kors


Bracelet with seedbeads & cross

Armbånd med seedbeads i perlemor og med kors i forsølvet messing

For this bracelet, the following materials are used:

20cm tigertail, beading wire, 0,30mm
2 pcs. crimp, silver-plated
2 pcs.jumpring, 4mm, silver
seedbeads color: opaque
seedbeads color: metallic silver
1 pc. jumpring, 4mm, sterling silver
1 pc. lobster claw clasp,  9mm, sterling
1 pc. silver-plated pendant, 6mm

You can read how to make this bracelet under the blog post with delica beads.


Bracelet with seedbeads & pendant

Armbånd med seedbeads og vedhæng

For this bracelet, the following materials are used:

20cm tigertail, beading wire, 0,30mm
2 pcs. crimp, silver-plated
2 pcs. jumpring, 4mm, silver
seedbeads color: light orange
2 pcs. jumpring, 4mm, sterling silver
1 pc. lobster claw clasp,  9mm, sterling
1 pc. silver-plated pendant 3mm
1 pc. jewelry chain extender, silver
1 pc. brass leaf, 11mm, silver-plated

You can read how to make this bracelet under the blog post with delica beads.


Necklace with faith, hope & love

Sølv halskæde tro, håb og kærlighed

For this necklace, the following materials are used:

60cm cable chain, 30AR, sterling silver
1 pc. simple heart pendant, silver
1 pc. anchor pendant, sterling silver
1 pc. silver-plated cross pendant
1 pc. jumpring, 4mm, sterling silver
1 pc. jumpring 3mm, sterling silver

Begin by applying a 4mm jumpring to the cross pendant. Now, place the heart, the anchor and the cross on the chain, closing the chain with a 3mm jumpring.
There is no locking mechanism in this necklace, since it is long enough to go over your head.


Earrings with moonstone bead

Øreringe med anborede månesten

For these earrings, the following materials are used:

1 pair earstuds with pad, brushed sterling silver, 4mm
2 pcs. eyepin, sterling silver, 0,5mm
2 pcs. rainbow moonstone bead, 6mm, half-drilled

Glue the end of the eyepin to the half-drilled moonstone. The eyepin can be a little bent, so carefully adjust it before applying the adhesive.

Your earrings are now completed. The eyepin with the moonstone bead is placed behind your earlobe, before applying the lock.

For further inspiration, have a look at our older blog post with similar earrings.


Finger ring with coral bead

Here we show you how to make a fine silver finger ring with pink coral bead. The finger ring can be afjusted in size, as to fit most people.

Fingerring med koralperle
You will need the following:
side-cutter pliers
4-piece bead reamer set
finger ring, sterling silver
half-drilled coral bead, 8 mm

smykketang, smykkefil og fingerring

The hole of the bead is a tad too small for the pin of the ring, so we recommend that you trim the hole a little with the reamer set, as shown above.
When the bead can be placed on the pin, you will discover that the pin probably is a bit too long. You will have to shorten it a bit with a side-cutter plier.

Koralperle og sølvring

Finally, apply a little adhesive on the pin and gently place the bead on it, dispersing the glue evenly throughout. Let the adhesive dry for about 5 minutes and you are done.


Enjoy your new jewellery.


For questions, comments or suggestions – please write in the commentary field below.

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