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Smykker med perler og kæder
A new year has begun, and we are back with lots of new ideas and designs for your DIY jewelry.
We start out with a small jewelry collection, which is simple and easy to make yourself. The earrings are inspired by Bille Brahe, who has created an array of fine jewelry with pearls as their focal point in a clean design. The necklaces are of a simple design and can work well alone as well as in a set, where the same pearl has been used in both necklace and earrings.

Øreringe med svævede perler

Earwires with freshwater pearls.

This model is made with half-drilled fresh water pearls, but you can also use other types of half-drilled beads. See Smyks’ selection of half-drilled pearls.


Materialer til øreringe i forgyldt sterlingsølv med perler


For these earrings, you’ll need the following materials:

1 pair gilded long, oval earwires
1 pair half-drilled 4mm freshwater pearls
1 pair half-drilled 7mm freshwater pearls
1 pair of gilded earstuds with cup and peg
2pcs. gilded 4mm connector beads with crystals
4pcs. gilded 3mm brass beads
Jewelry tools:
1pc. side-cutter
1pc. flat-nosed pliers
Jewlery glue

Ørekroge i forgyldt sterlingsølv



Start ouf by cutting off the lower  part of the earwires. Cut right above the curve – you can cut the first and put it on top of the other one to make sure that the 2 pieces are of equal length.

Ørekroge i forgyldt sterlingsølv hvor øjet bøjes


To make sure your earrings are turning the right way, turn the eyes on the earwires 90 degrees so that they’re turning the same way as pictured above. This is easily done if you hold onto the eye with your flat-nosed pliers and carefully turn the earwire itself.

Ørestav med forgyldte kugler og krystaller


Now add a a gilded brass bead, the crystal connector, and then another brass bead. Add the tiniest dap of glue to make sure the beads stay in the middle of the earwire. Place your blue in the middle of the earwire, and carefully cover it with the bead in a screwing turning motion, pulling the glue down into the bead and evenly distributing it inside. It is very important to use a thick gel-jewelry adhesive, as it won’t run.

Ørering med kugler, krystaller og shell pearls


Then glue the 4mm half-drilled freshwater pearls onto the ends of the earwires. You can also use a half-drilled shell pearl.

Ørestik med cup og anboret shell pearl

Now you’re going to make the other end of the earring. Glue the 2pcs. of half-drilled 7mm freshwater pearls onto the pegs of your earstuds.Cut off a little bit of the peg to make sure that it’s not too long, and to make sure that the pearl touches the cup. Put a little dap of glue on the peg and screw on the pearl tightly. It will take about 5 minutes for the glue to dry.

Øreringe med ferskvandsperler og forgyldt perler

Your earrings are now finished. Put the earstud through your ear and then the earwire on the back side of your ear. Lastly, put on the back piece.

Halskæde med kæde og rosa shell pearl



Necklace with a blush freshwater pearl.

This necklace has a delicate and simple design with a clever clasp. Here, we are using a freshwater pearl in one end and a small closed ring in the other, through which the chain will be pulled.


Forgyldt kæde og rosa ferskvandsperle

For this necklace, you’ll need the following materials:

70cm. 2x gold filled AR40 cable chain
1pc. twisted 7mm gilded silver ring
1pc. gilded 3mm silver jumpring
1pc. rose 12mm freshwater- or shell pearl
1pc. gilded headpin with 4 balls
1pc. gilded 4mm connector beads with crystals
1pc.gilded 3mm brass beads


Headpin og rosa ferskvandsperle

Start by threading the freshwater pearl on the headpin. Next, add the connector bead, and lastly the brass bead.

Perlestav med ferskvandsperle og kæde

Here, I have put the headpin through the end-ring of the chain before making the loop for the eye. You can also make the eye, and then attach it to the chain with a jumpring. Finally, cut off the excess headpin.

Kæde og lukket snoet ring i forgyldt sterlingsølv

Secure the little twisted ring in the other end with a 3mm jumpring. The easiest way to do this is by using a chain nosed and round nosed plier combination.

Halskæde med snoet ring og ferskvandsperle


Finally pull the chain through the twisted ring until it meets the pearl in the other end. Now you can put the necklace over your head and the little ring will automatically be pulled up towards your neck. Make sure that your chain needs to be at least 60cm, otherwise you won’t be able to put your head through it.

Halskæder med kæder og sten


Here are three more necklaces made with this method.

Øreringe i forgyldt sterlingsølv med anboret ferskvandsperle

The long earrings above has been made with half drilled 6mm freshwater or shell pearls and long goldplated silver earhooks with peg
and a little bit of glue.

Armring, bangle med shell pearls

The bracelet shown here is very simple to make yourself, all you need is an armring and two shell-pearls with a 3 mm hole and some glue. Cut open the ring with a cutting plier and glue the pearls to the ends with some strong glue.
1 pc. golden bracelet ring
2 pcs. half-drilled shell pearls of 16 mm with 3 mm hole

Enjoy your earrings, bracelet and necklaces.

Have a comment, question or an idea? Feel free to write in the comment section below.

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