DIY paracord bracelet with charms

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armbånd med paracord og charms

Paracord, an abbreviation of parachute cord, comes in countless of beautiful colours and patterns, and can be used for a lot more than just classic army knotting. Here at Smyks we have a big assortment  of colours and patterns in Paracord. In the example below, we have used paracord instead of leather, which makes it possible to incorporate interesting patterns in your bracelet. You can use clips and make your own dangling charms on the bracelet, or you can use Smyks’ special clip-on charms as decoration and to keep the string windings in place.

paracord, magnetlås og charms


You’ll need the following materials:
3 equally long pieces of paracord (here we have used 3 x 35cm)
1pc. 6mm magnetic clasp
1pc. 15 x 15mm steel heart-clip, additionally see our whole selection here
Jewelry adhesive and a lighter.

paracord som armbånd med magnetlås

You start out by pulling the inner white nylon core out of the paracord, this should be easy. Now melt the ends of the paracord slightly so it doesn’t fray. If you put the three ends together and burn them in unison, they will melt together a little and become easier to glue into the magnetic clasp. Now you disassemble the magnetic clasp and glue the first 3 ends into the one end of the magnetic clasp.

armbånd med paracord og clip-on charms

You put beads and charms on the bracelet, here we have used a heart-clips, you can wait putting on this charm until your bracelet is done, but it’s important with beads that you make sure they’ve been added before gluing the clasp onto the bracelet.

Now burn the last 3 ends together in the same manner and glue them into the other end of the magnetic clasp.

armbånd med paracord og hjerte charm med krystaller

You can now enjoy your new bracelet.

armbånd med paracord og emaljemønter

You can make a summer version with Smyks enamel coins with rims. They’re glued onto a plate with a button-eye and then added to the paracord.


armbåndsur med paracord og charms med magnetlås


Here is a variant of bracelet with a watch face. The paracord here is made of two 90cm pieces (should be able to be wrapped around the wrist 5 times). The two cord ends are mounted with glue into a 5mm magnetic clasp.

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