DIY Jewellery with colourful enamel coins with a wide rim.

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Make your own jewellery with enamel coins

smykker med emaljemønter med kant

These new enamel coins with silver-plated or gilded rims are available from in delicate colours and three sizes. They can be used for a variety of jewellery. Below you will see some exciting designs that do not require other jewellery tools than strong glue.

ørestikker med emaljemønter med kant

ørestikker med sort emaljemønt


emaljemønter med kæde

Here are enamel coins glued to a stud with a 6 mm plate, super simple.

fingerring med rød emaljemønt
forgyldte fingerringe med emaljemønter med kant

They can be used for rings. Here, the coins are glued to a finger ring with a plate. Try e.g. to wear 3 rings of different colours at the same time, it looks very elegant.

forgyldte øreringe med emaljemønter med forgyldt kant
øreringe med emaljemønt med forgyldt kant

Here a flat based bail has been glued onto the back of the enamel coins so that they can hang in a pair of hoops or earwires.

halskæder med kuglekæde og emaljemønter

Here the same bail is glued on an enamel coin. A 4mm jumpring has been attached to the eye, and then the pendant has been hung on a 80cm gilded ball chain to create a long necklace.

macramé armbånd med emaljemønter

On the back of these enamel coins, we have glued plates with a button eye, so the coins can be used as buttons. Here the button isused as decoration in the middle of a weaved bracelet.

hårclips med emaljemønter med kant

Another example of the use of enamel coins, are these cute hairpins. The hairpins have a plate on the end so you can glue onto the enamel coins.

manchetknapper med emaljemønter med kant

You can also make these cufflinks, which also have a flat plate where you can glue on your enamel coins.


materialer til emaljesmykker

Here you see the back of the displayed jewelry, and all the partsthey have been glued onto. You find all the necessary materials in the text above.


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