DIY – Earrings with ball chain and gilded steel.

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øreringe med kuglekæde og forgyldte perler


Here you can see how to make these delicate earrings, which are also shown in Smyks trend presentations for winter 2013.

øreringe med kuglekæde og stålperler


You need the following materials:

Black 1.5mm ball chain
Ball chain bead tip (clamp on)
Oxidation of jewelry pieces (optional)
Earwires with ball 
Hematite beads 6mm
Gilded steel beads 8mm


stålperler sat på perlestav


Clamp on the bead tip to one end of the ball chain and feed it through the eyepin. Put 3 beads on eyepin.

stålperler fastgjort til kuglekæde


Then make an eye on the other end of the eyepin.

oxiderede sterlingsølv ørekroge og stålperler


Now, put the pendant on earrwires, and your earrings are finished. You can, using the same technique, create different designs, you can choose other beads and another earwire, so it will match your style perfectly.


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