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keyhanger med rundsyet læder og klik lås


nøglering keyhanger med forgyldt stjerne

Make yourself this cool detachable key-hanger / key strap for your bag or necklace. You can make a long key-hanger to wear around your neck, or you can make a smaller version for your bag. has many different beads and split rings to choose from, which you can use to decorate your key-hanger to get your very own design. With the detachable function of the long Steel Bayonet clasps you can easily use the Keyhanger for any pupose and even make a selection of different strap lengths and designs for the same set of keys.

nøglering keyhanger med stålperler og stjerne


You need the following materials:

Stitched leather cord 5mm, or round stitched leather cord 6mm (about 10cm + 45cm)

bayonet clasp with an 8mm hole

Split ring

Various decorative beads (here we have used gilded steel beads with 6mm hole)

Jewelry glue.

You start by putting steel beads on a 45 cm leather cord, then you fold the cord on the middle and glue both ends into one end of the bayonet clasp. This is not easy, but if you find it too hard, you can try to squeeze the ends of the cord, so that they lay flat before they are glued into the clasp. Then you put the split ring (in this case a star) onto the last piece of leather cord (10cm), fold it and glue the ends into the other end of the clasp. Note that the magnetic clasp is not suitable for Keyhangers unless there is a safety catch on it.

An original gift idea that is both quick and easy to make.


keyhangers med klik låse og forgyldte stålperler

Shown here are key-hangers with various steel beads. We have used 6mm round stitched leather cord, steel beads with 6mm holes and  bayonet clasps with 8mm holes. Take a look at Smyks wide range of steel beads.

forgyldte stålperler med krystaller

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