DIY Bracelet with chainmail and leather cord of deer hide

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armbånd med brynjekæde og sort rådyrskind

Make yourself this fine leather bracelet. Here, we used 3mm wide deer hide, but you can use all kinds of leather or cord, as long as it is narrow enough to get through the middle ring twice.

The chain and clasps are available in gilded silver, silver and black silver. Deer hide is available in the colours light brown and black. Links to examples and the used jewelry materials is here.

oxideret brynjekæde


You need the following materials:


Approx. 17cm armour chain

1.5 meters of deer hide

2 jumprings

1 lobster claw clasp.


oxideret brynjekæde og sort rådyrskind


Feed the leather through the first rings. Your leather cords must be of equal length on each side.

oxideret brynjekæde og sort rådyrskind


Then start by making one side of the bracelet first. You now feed the leather through the ring in the middle of the chain. If you put a little glue on the end of the leather cord it is easier to get it through the ring.

oxideret brynjekæde og sort rådyrskind


Then feed the leather through the outer ring. Make sure that the leather always has the smooth side facing up. Continue to twist the leather all the way down to the end of the chain.

oxideret brynjekæde og sort rådyrskind

Now you twist the leather in the same way on the other side of the chain.

oxideret brynjekæde og sort rådyrskind


When you reach the end of the chain, make the last 2 twists slightly looser, allowing you to feed the end of the leather back through them. Put a bit of glue on the leather before tightening.

karabinlås til armbånd med oxideret brynjekæde og sort rådyrskind


Cut off the remaining leather cord and attach your lobster claw clasp with a jumpring, and attach another jumpring at the other end.

Enjoy your new raw but elegant bracelet.

armbånd med brynjekæde og skind


armbånd med brynjekæde og polyestersnor


Here we have used multicolored polyester string. The string has been fed through each ring twice, as it is thinner than the leather cord, and the bracelet is closed with a macramé closure.

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