DIY Bracelet with watch in snake – or lambskin

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armbånd med ur i slangeskind

Create your own beautiful bracelet with a watch face and charms.

First select the watch face and the leather cord you want.
For this wrist watch we have used a black watch face, genuine snakeskin cord and some black bracelet beads with crystals, but you can also easily use round-stitched lamb leather cord which is both cheaper and available in several colors.  Watch faces and charms are available in silver, black and gilded.


urskive og slangeskind


You need the following materials:

Jewelry glue

2 x snake leather cord 5mm of approx. 65cm

watch face

magnetic clasp 8mm

2 x crystal spacer bars

Various beads and charms.

This link guides you to everything you need and here you can also buy a finished bracelet watch.

urskive og slangeskind

Take one of the pieces of snakeskin cord, fold it in half and feed it through the strap holder of the watch face. See the picture for reference.


urarmbånd med krystaller

Then take the second piece of snakeskin cord and feed it through the other side of the watch face. Then put a crystal spacer bar on each side.

urarmbånd med slangeskind og magnetlås

Now add on beads and charms of your liking. Finally glue the end of the cord into a 7mm magnetic clasp. Your bracelet is now finished.

urarmbånd med rundsyet skind

For the watch above is we have used round stitched leather cord(lambskin) thickness 5mm, beads and a watch face in steel and silver plated.

armbånd med ur og paracord

armbåndsur med paracord og magnetlås
We have used paracord wrapped 5 times and a magnetic clasp with a 5 mm hole for these watch-bracelets. For materials see bracelet with watch here.

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