DIY men’s necklaces with steel beads

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kæder til mænd med vedhæng og stålperler

Shown here are a couple of tips on how to create the popular men’s necklaces with gilded steel beads.

All the shown parts can normally be purchased from

In the example we have used an 80 cm piece of black 8mm rubber strap (also available in white and red)
Loctite jewelry adhesive
A pair of chain-nose pliers and a pair of flat-nosed pliers
2pcs. gilded steel glue-in ends with a 8mm hole
6 – 8pcs. gilded steel beads with a 8mm hole
1pc. gilded steel jumpring 
12-16pcs. rubber O-rings for keeping the beads in place, alternatively use glue.
Pendants of your own choice (can be changed later)
Jewelry files



mande halskæde i ryndsyet sort læder

Here we have used round-stitched leather cord instead of rubber strap. It’s possible to use weaved leather cord as well.

stålperler til mandehalskæder
forgyldt stålperle til mandehalskæde i læder

The beads may have sharp edges and rip the cord, therefore it is a good idea to file them on the inside before use. Here we have used a normal round file for the purpose.

gummiringe til mandehalskædergummiring til fæstning af stålperler på mandehalskæde

Put the cord around your neck and mark your desired length, most people use 70-80 cm for this type of necklace.
Rubber O-rings are used both as decoration and as a means to to fixate the beads with. For a 8mm cord we recommend O-rings with an outer iameter of 9mm and a hole of 5mm.

Install the rings on the cord with the chain-nose pliers. After the rings have been put on the cord, they can easily be rolled up to where you want them to be.


stålperler med krystaller til mandehalskæder

You can also fixate the beads on the cord with jewelry adhesive, but this requires a steady hand and that you place the beads precisely where you want them because they will not be movable afterwards.

pålimning af stålperle til mandehalskæde

Put a dab of glue where you want the bead to be.

forgyldt stålperle med krystallerforgyldt stålperle med krystaller ført på ryndsyet læder

The cord is fed through the bead with a twisting motion. When reaching the glue, screw the bead carefully over it so that the glue will be evenly distributed inside the bead. If there is too much glue, remove it carefully without smearing it onto the bead or the cord.


forgyldt endeafslutning i stål til herrehalskæde
endemuffe i forgyldt stål


Now the cord ends are to be installed so that pendants can be added, and so the necklace can be closed. It is important to test the necklace’s placement around the neck before you attach the cord ends. If the cord ends are turned the wrong way, the necklace may “be hurt”.

The glue is put in a thin trail alongside the inner walls of the cord end.

The cord end is screwed onto the cord, just like the pearls.

endemuffer som afslutning på herrehalskæde

Now assemble the necklace. This is done with a jumpring.

afslutning med øsken
korrekt åbning og lukning af øsken

It is recommended to use the two pliers for this purpose. Twist the jumpring open as shown, as this allows the jumpring to be twisted back again when it needs to be closed.

fladtang og åbning og lukning af øsken
påsætning af guldbarre vedhæng

Put the jumpring through the eyes of the cord ends and attach the pendant.

afslutning af mandehalskæde med øsken og guldbarre


Your necklacei s now finished and should look like the examples shown above.

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