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The famous “eye” on a pearl

Below, we will walk you through how to create classical earrings, finishing with the famous “eye”. Other techniques probably do exist, but I think this method is working properly. Arm yourself with patience and be prepared to different degrees of success, the first couple of times you try this. You may very well find yourself throwing out some eyepins in the process.
As soon as you memorize the procedure however, it should be possible to make an earring in about 5 minutes, and that is not so bad, huh :o)

Eyepins with eyes are suitable for many other types of jewellery besides earrings. For instance, using this method you can easily apply them to make various charms and pendants for bracelets, necklaces and more. At the bottom of this page, you will find some alternative examples.


Øreringe og halskæde med halvædelsten

For the following example, you will need the materials listed below:
Eyepin, gilded brass
Round-nose plierChain-nose plierSide-cutter plier
Onyx bead 10 mm
Evt. Gilded bead caps
Filigree pendants

Choose an eyepin.
In this case, I have chosen to use a thick eyepin in gilded brass, 0,75mm.
The thinner the eyepin, the easier it is to work with.

Headpin og tang
Use the chain-nose plier as shown above, and open the eye of the eyepin, by bending it a little to the side.
Place the pendant on the pin and then close the eye again.
Headpin med vedhæng

Put the bead(s), and optionally the cap, on the pin.
Onyx og vedhæng

Now use the round-nose plier (the one with 2 cone-shaped jaws).
Grab the eyepin ca 2mm above the last bead/cap.
Keep the bead in a steady position and then bend the pin, until it situated horizontally.

Now, use two fingers and grab on the tip of the eypin, while holding the plier steady. Then pull the eyepin up and over the upper jaw of the plier.


Pull the pin all the way around the jaw, while keeping the plier and teh rest of the pin in a steady position.

Perlevedhæng med onyx

When the pin has been pulled ALMOST 360 degrees round the plier, you grab the bead and use the plier to push the pin the rest of the way, ending with a vertical position again. Remember, that the plier still needs to be kept firm in your grip.

Vedhæng med onyx

Now you can remove the plier and admire the beautiful “eye”.

Lær at lave et øje på et vedhæng

Find the chain-nose plier.
Grab the eye with the plier, as shown below.


Vedhæng med øje

Again you have to use two finger to grab a hold of the tip of the eyepin.


Vedhæng med sort perle

As consistent as possible, keep the plier positioned firmly and permanently, while bending the eyepin around the eye.

Perlevedhæng med øje

…an further around.

Øje på perlevedhæng

…and further around again
keep repeating until it reaches the uppermost bead in the earring. As shown above/below.

Færdigt vedhæng med onyx

Now, the excess part of the pin needs to be removed with a side-cutter plier.
Use a pointy side-cutter plier, as to get as close to the twisted part as possible.
Cut off excess wire.
Vedhæng til ørering med onyx
There may be a small piece of wire sticking out.
Vedhæng med øje

Use the chain-nose plier to hide it under the twisted part, like shown above.

When the bead and the eye are finished, you will have to find a fitting earpiece or hoop ring, which you want the bead to dangle from. Chosen here, is a classic french earpiece with a drop. The hook is opened just a little, so the eye can be placed in it.

Ørekrog forgyldt

The eye is then placed backwards on the hook, while making sure, that the drop is not smaller than the eye. Afterwards you close the hook again, making sure that the bead and the eye stays in place.

Ørekrog med vedhæng

Færdig ørering med onyx


Just a couple of alternative examples.

perle-engle halskæder


smykker med koralperler

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