DIY – Make your own “Mise en Dior-like” pearl earrings

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Trendy earrings with a big pearl behind the earlobe and a little pearl in front, this is how you make them.

perleørering a la Dior


Dior øreringe

Do like the Hollywood stars on the red carpet and wear a pair of “Dior pearl earrings”. Smyks now have half drilled shell pearls in 7 and 17mm, so you can make your own Mise en Dior look-alike earrings easily and quickly. The pearls come in black, white and metallic grey. The 17mm pearls have an extra big hole so rubber earnuts can be glued inside the pearl and then function as a closure, so the pearl can be removed.

anborede shell pearls til dior earrings


You’ll need the following materials:

1 pair of round half-drilled shellpearls 17mm
1 pair of round half-drilled shellpearls 7mm
1 pair of gilded stud earrings with bead caps
2pcs. rubber earnuts, conic
A little jewelry adhesive

ørestik med anborede shell pearls

You start with cutting the pin on the stud, so that the pearl touches the cap on the pin when the parts are put together.

Put a little dap of adhesive on the tip of the pin, and attatch the smallest pearl, be ready to remove excess adhesive.

Rotate the pearl a couple of times, so the adhesive is distributed properly. Let it set to dry for a couple of minutes.

ørestik med sort shell pearl


The pearl is now adhered to the pin.

anboret shell pearl med gummilås


You now glue the rubber sleeve into the big 17mm shell pearl. Put a little adhesive in the pearl, and scure the rubber sleeve.

gummilåsedup limet i anboret perle


When you have glued the rubber sleeve into the pearl, let it set to dry.

dior øreringe med sorte perler


Before you assemble your earring, it’s a good idea to stick a needle or an awl into the sleeve to ensure that there isn’t any wet glue left.

øreringe med sorte perler

Your earrings are now done.

Below are more examples.
For other large beads, e.g. acrylic beads in size 16-16mm can be used.

eksempler på dior øreringe med forskellige farver

gør det selv dior ørering

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