DIY bracelet with thin leather cord and charms

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Make your own elegant bracelets of skin cords with a curved surface and flat backs from Choose between untreated snakeskin or calf skin in black or brown. Especially the snakeskin cord, which is made from sustainable sea snake farms, is of a particular soft quality and is well-suited for bracelets, a must for the discerning jewelry enthusiast.

The cords are sold in pre-cut pieces of 40 centimeters, while longer pieces of the snakeskin is in stock.

Shown here are 3 examples with different charms, beads and clasps.

armbånd med smal læderrem og charms


armbånd med slangesking

To make the snakeskin bracelet, you’ll need the following materials:

1 40cm piece of snakeskin
3pcs. gilded connecting beads with crystals
1pc. gilded chain closings with lobster claw clasp 4mm
Jewelry adhesivle


armbånd med slangeskind og karabinlås

First cut the cord into the desired length. The piece shown in the picture is 34 cm. Next you add the 3 connecting beads, and lastly you glue the ends into the glue-in ends.

armbånd i brunt kalveskind og magnetlås

For this brown bracelet you’ll need the following materials:

1 40cm piece of brown calf leather
1pc. springring clasp with eye in gunmetal
1pc. 4mm gunmetal jumpring
1pc. 8mm oxidised sterling silver coin
1pc. 4mm bayonet clasp
Jewelry adhesive


charms med mønt i oxideret sterlingsølv

Start by attaching the coin to the springring clasp by using a jumpring.

læderarmbånd med charm i oxideret sterlingsølv

Next, cut the cord into the desired length. Here we have used 34cm. Then it through the springring clasp, creating a charm. Glue the ends into the bayonet clasp. Since the coin is attached to a clasp, you can always change it or add more charms later.

armbånd med sort kalveskind og stjernevedhæng og magnetlås

In this last example, you’ll need the following materials:

1 piece of black calf leather cord
1pc. gilded star with an eye
1pc. 4mm frosted gilded magnetic clasp
Jewelry adhesive


armbånd i sort læder med forgyldt stjerne

Start out by cutting the cord into the desired length. Here we have used 35 cm for 2 wraps around the wrist. Feed the cord through the eye of the star and then glue the ends into the magnetic clasp.

Make sure the magnetic clasp is disassembled when you glue the cord into it.

læderarmbånd i sort med forgyldt magnetlås

When the glue has dried you can assemble the magnetic clasp.

armbånd i læder og med magnetlåse og karabinlås


Your bracelets are now done.

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