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Øreringe med stav og perler

Learn how to make these simple but beautiful earrings with half-drilled stone beads.

At the end of a thin headpin hangs a stone bead, and with a simple brushed earstud. Simple and elegant.

You can also choose another type of earstud.

Forgyldt ørering med stav og røgkvarts


Earrings with aventurine


You’ll need the following materials:

1 pair of earstuds in oxidised Sterling silver with 4mm pad
2pcs. oxidised silver eyepins
2pcs. half-drilled stone beads, 6mm aventurine
+ glue


Perlestav og aventurin

Start out by straightening out your eyepin if it seems a little crooked. This can easily be done and has no need for tools.

Oxideret stav eyepin med aventurin

Next add a tiny dab of glue on the headpin and put it into the stone bead. Half-drilled beads only have holes going through half of the bead, which makes them very good for this design.

Smyks has a large selection of half-drilled pearls, beads and teardrops – see them here.



Ørestik med anboret aventurin

Next put your earstud through the eye of the eyepin, and your earstud is finished.

Add the eyepin on the backside of the earstud to achieve an even more elegant look. Put the earstud through your ear, and then add the eyepin.

Oxiderede ørestikker med oxideret stav og aventurin

It’s easy to make these earrings, in seconds you can make a unique and trendy piece of jewelry yourself.

Enjoy your earrings.

Ørestik med stav og facetteret aventurin


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