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Smykker med delica perler og memorywire


Delica beads are still a big hit, even in the autumn season. In this blog post, we give you more ideas for Delica jewellery and new colour combinations to inspire you.

For this bracelet we have used memory wire, which is a fast and easy way to make nice and finished jewellery. Memory wire consists of a steel cord which has been curled, creating several springy loops. The wire is thin enough to pass through most beads while keeping its circular shape. This makes it convenient for making bracelets and necklaces.
Memory Wire is available in several colours at

Memorywire sølv og forgyldt



Delica bracelet with Memory Wire

Armbånd med Delica perler og memory wire


For this bracelet made with Delica beads and memory wire, we’ve used the folllowing materials:

Memory Wire for bracelets, approx. 60 cm (three times around the wrist)
Delica beads in 4 different colours  – this combination is Oslo
Delica 24K light cool gold DB0034V
Delica matte light tan DB0354V
Delica matte light violet DB1524V
Delica matte black DB0310V
1pc. Screwdriver for Screw-tite crimps
2pcs. Screw-tite crimps
1pc. file


Skruetrækker til skruewireklemmer


Start out by cutting the piece of memory wire that you’ll need. The piece we’re using will go around the wrist three times. Add the screw-tite on one end of the wire. If there’s still a little piece sticking out, cut it off with a pair of side-cutters. If it’s hard to cut off all the excess wire, file it down so it won’t scratch you.

Skruewireklemme på armbånd med delica perler

Skruewireklemme på delica armbånd

Next thread the beads through the wire, and finish it off with another crimp bead. Cut off the excess wire and file it down as to not hurt yourself.

Screw-tite crimp beads are used to finish jewelry made with wire and can, as shown above, give a nice clean-cut finish to pieces made with memory wire.
Smyks have several different screw-tite crimp beads to choose from. You can get them roundbarrel-shaped and cone-shaped. All shapes are available in gold and silver.

Delica finger ring with Memory Wire

Fingerring med Delica perler

For this ring with Delica beads and memory wire, we’ve used the following materals:

A little piece of memory wire in finger ring size, equivalent of 4 loops
Delica beads in four different colours (this combination is Oslo)

Start out by cutting your desired length of memory wire. We cut off a piece equivalent of 3 loops around your finger. Put a dap of glue on the end of the wire, and add 2-4 Delica beads. When they’re secured by the glue, add the rest of your Delicas. Finish it off with another dap of glue and add the rest of your Delica beads.

Delica wire necklace


Delica halskæde med wire

For this necklace with Delica beads and wire, we have used the following materials:

50cm gray Tigertail 0.38mm metallic wire
Delica beads in 4 different colours (this combination is Oslo)
1pc. Screwdriver for Screw-tite crimps
2pcs. Cone shaped Screw-tite cord ends
1pc. Gilded 12mm lobster claw clasp

Here we have used wire for the necklace instead of memory wire, making the necklace fall more gracefully around the neck. The finished necklace measures 45cm. You can also use normal silk beading thread, but the wire ensures a little stiffness, making the necklace curve nicely.

Proceed as you would with the bracelet. Because the cord end has eyes you can attach a clasp in one of the ends. Just open one of the eyes, secure your clasp and close it again.


Delica hoop earrings

Kreoler med Delica perler


For these Delica earrings, we have used the following materials:

1 pair of gilded 25mm silver hoop earrings
Delica beads in 4 different colours (this combination is Oslo)

These earrings are easy to make.
See our blog post on Delica earrings and find more colour inspirations.

Smykkesæt med delica perler og memorywire

Fingerring og armbånd med Delica perler

Delica øreringe

Delica halskæde med wire



Enjoy your new jewellery!


Feel free to add comments, critique and ideas in the section below.


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