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etniske armbånd

The native / ethnic look has been a really big hit this summer, and it continues into the fall- and winter season.

Make your own fast and easy bracelets with the colourful round-stitched cotton cord.

The examples shown above are with a simple magnetic clasp.



etniske smykker


Ethnic bracelets with magnetic clasp

bomuldssnor med etnisk mønster


You’ll need the following materials to make 1 bracelet:

Approx. 18cm ethnic 4mm cotton cord
1pc. gilded 4mm steel magnetic clasp

Cut the cord into your desired length, and glue the ends into the magnetic clasp.
You can also decorate your bracelet with simple curved tuves, for example, use 23x5mm or 30x5mm– these tubes both fit the 4mm cotton cords.


Ethnice bracelet with charms


rundsyet etnisk armbånd

Til dette armbånd er der brugt følgende materialer:

Approx. 60cm 4mm cotton cord
1pc. gilded 4mm steel magnetic clasp
1pc curved 23x5mm tube
1pc curved 30x5mm tube
2pcs. 8mm gilded clip clasp with eye
2pcs. 4mm gilded jumprings
2pcs. 8x3mm crystal connector bead
1pc. Swarovski teardrop, grass green
1pc. 10mm chinese good luck coin

This bracelet is made with the same technique as the ones above, where you simply add your beads and glue the ends into the clasp.


Ethnic bracelet in black/white

etnisk mønster armbånd

You’ll need the following materials:

Approx. 18cm black/white patterned cotton cord
1pc. matte black 6mm steel magnetic clasp
1pc. heart clip in black steel


Enjoy making your own bracelets!


Feel free to add comments and ideas in the section below.

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