Beading thread & wire

Assortment of beading thread and beading wire for necklaces and bracelets. 

Choose for example between different sizes and colours of silk thread and Tigertail beading wire suitable for Necklaces or choose the Miyuki beading thread for bead-weawing or sewing.
We usually recommend beading silk thread for jewellery with freshwater pearls and Tigertail steel wire for designs with glass beads and gemstone beads. For bracelets we recommend elastic and to knot several cord ends together, nylon/fishing line is the right choice.

Find inspiration on our blog:
Necklace with beading wire
Pearl necklace wih silk thread
Delica jewellery with memory wire

Please note
that we ship our products in one uncut piece if more than one unit of a string/cord/ribbon is purchased and that cut products, unlike whole spools, cannot be returned.


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