Jumprings & O-rings

Here you find a wide range of jumprings for jewellery making. In addition, the category includes chain connectors, bracelet spacers, rubber rings, O-rings and bails made of aluminium, stainless steel, sterling silver, oxidised silver and gold-plated steel, brass and silver – among other materials.
Jumprings, which usually consist of different kinds of metal wire or silver wire, are used for all kinds of jewellery. Whether it is for connecting a clasp to a necklace or for mounting a charm to a bracelet - jumprings are a necessary basic component in the jewellery maker's tool kit. 

The popular chainmail jewellery-making technique requires many jumprings, sometimes in combination with rubber O-rings. Thesse colourful and sturdy jumpring variants made of aluminium are an especially popular and cheap alternative to rings made of silver.


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