Jewelry chains Silver

Here you find Smyks' assortment of processed jewelry chains in silver and silver coated, brass, steel and cobber.
There are several ways to mount a clasp onto a chain so it can be used as a necklace. For cable chains, which consist of equally big joints, it is usually possible to install a clasp with the use of jumprings. For ball chains you can either use a connector that just connects the two ends, or use a bead tip with an eye if you desire to use a lobster claw clasp, or another kind of jewelry clasp.
It can be difficult to install clasps on some of the chains. In this case you can glue the chain ends into a glue-in end with an eye.

Note! If more units of a chain is bought, the product will be shipped in one whole piece.
(Click on the pictures to see a bigger extract of the chains as well as bulk-buy information.)


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