Gemstones & Semiprecious Stones

Beautiful gemstone beads and semiprecious stones for your jewellery making project

Browse through our vast selection of gemstones for your DIY jewellery. These gemstones and semiprecious stones that can be used for all sorts of jewellery with pearl wire. When you purchase gemstones at Smyks, you will receive exquisite hand sorted stones and beads.

We try to deliver strung beads as often as possible. This is the case when the ordered amount of stones reaches or exceeds the amount needed for a strand and the product is available strung. For example: 6 bags containing 6pcs 10mm beads = 1 string, or 5 bags containing 6pcs 12mm beads = 1 string.

4mm bead strand = approx. 100 beads          6mm bead strand approx. 65 beads
8mm bead strand 
= approx. 50 beads       10mm bead strand = approx. 39 beads
12mm bead strand 
= 3 beads                14mm bead strand = 28 beads
16mm bead strand 
= 22 beads


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