Cord, paracord, ribbon, wax cord

Bead weaving has been popular for a long time and nowadays there is an overwhelming selection of cords in all colour shades on the market, each of which gives the jewelry its own unique look.
At Smyks you willl find weaving and braiding cord in polyester, nylon, waxed cotton cord, acetate, soutache cord, silk ribbon, organza ribbon, silk cord and much more. Every kind of cord has its own advantages. For example, it is possible to melt the ends of a synthetic cord like polyester and paracord, which makes it easy to thread the beads or seal the ends so they will not floss or detach.
For guidance in selecting beading cords see Smyks beading thread and beading wire guide here

Please note: We normally ship in one uncut piece, if you purchase several units of a cord.


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