Steel beads and charms

A wide selection of beautiful and high quality steel beads in the colours black, gilded and uncoated. 

Beads and locking beads made of stainless steel have lately gained huge popularity. They have become a very modern choice of jewellery material appreciated by professional jewellery designers as well as DIY fans. Steel beads are especially well-loved in DIY jewellery making because of their extreme durability, their coating and raw look which suits men and women alike. They are defenitely the preferred beads for men's jewellery.

At Smyks, a great deal of our steel beads is manufactured according to the individual requests and measurements given by our customers.

For closings that match the steel beads, please see the category Clasps, glue-in ends & wire clasps.

For logo engraving of steel beads and clasps read here


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