Half drilled metal beads

Half-drilled silver and metal beads for jewellery making

The jewellery selection of half-drilled metal and sterling silver beads for jewellery, beads with only one hole, can be found in this product category. You can use the beads as decoration on earstuds or as a neat finish of a cord. Typically, these beads are soldered or glued onto other jewellery parts with jewellery glue. In contrast to semi-precious stone beads, silver and metal beads are usually hollow inside, which is why it must be taken into account that gluing on, for example, an earstud requires that there is a so-called bowl or cap on the earpiece, which the bead can be glued on to. On the other hand, it is relatively easy to extend the holes of the beads by enlarging it with a simple round jewellery file.


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