Gilded jumprings & bails

Here you find a wide selection of gilded jumprings, bails, bracelet spacers and twisted rings for jewelry making.
Gilded jumprings are used for many different kinds of jewelry, for example they're used to install clasps onto necklaces, for charms in bracelets and more.
Bails are used especially to create an eye in half-drilled teardrops and beads with jewelry adhesive. 
Bracelet spacers are decorative elements and usually function as a part of a charm in bracelets.
The gold plating on the jewelry parts range from a normal to a very good quality. The durability of the gold plating depends partially on the way it is used as well as the indiviual user's sweat acidity. Generally direct wearing against the skin causes a limited lifetime. Really durable gold plating is found on dublé in particular, which is a strong gold alloy on brass. Even so, the strongest gold plating is found on gilded steel.


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