Crystals for encasing & Hot Fix

Decorative crystals for encasing, gluing or reparation purposes

Has one of your sparkling possessions lost a crystal or do you need a new jewel for your fingerring? You will find the right replacement on this page!

Here you see our selection of prefabricated flat-back or cone-back rhinestones and crystals for setting and gluing. All the crystals below are generally quite small and therefore it can be a little tricky to find and to order the right size. We recommend using a caliper to measure the other crystals on the item that is missing one to find a crystal that matches the size and diameter of the others. Please be also aware of the crystals’ shapes. Are their backs flat or cone-shaped?
For general mounting we recomend using small amounts of jewellery glue and a tweezer. For Hot-Fix crystals with premounted glue we recomend using a Hot-Fix-Applicator for heating up the crystal and activating the glue.


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