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Smykker i sterlingsølv

Making your own jewellery in silver doesn’t necessarily have to take a long time. Neither does it have to recquire an extensive knowledge in the technical area.

Here you will find a little inspiration, with the newest additions to our jewellery collection, consisting of simple shapes like drops and coins.

All of the following pieces are easy to make and, if you prefer, also available in gilded sterling.


Necklace with teardrop-outline


Halskæde i sterlingsølv med dråbe

For this piece, the following materials were used:

1 pc. sterling teardrop-shaped outline, 24x20mm
1 pc. sterling teardrop-shaped outline 38x30mm
1 pc. jumpring, sterling, 4mm
60cm. ball chain, sterling, with connector

You open up the jumpring, place both of the teardrop-outlines in it, and close it up again. Next, you will have to take your ball chain and lead it through the jumpring, finishing up by closing the chain with the a connector (when buying a ball chain, a connector will be shipped with it). The necklace is long enough to be placed over your head.


Earrings with teardrop-outline

Øreringe i sølv med dråber

For this piece, the following materials were used:

2 pcs. sterling teardrop-shaped outline, 24x20mm
2 pcs. sterling teardrop-shaped outline 38x30mm
2 pcs. jumpring, sterling, 4mm
1 pair earwires with ball, sterling silver

You begin by using the jumpring to combine the small and the big teardrop-outlines. Do this by opening the jumpring, putting both outlines in place, and then closing the jumpring up again. Lastly, you lead the earwire through the hole of the smaller outline and your new earrings are finished.


Necklace with coins

Sølvhalskæde med plader

For this piece, the following materials were used:

1 pc. sterling coin, 15mm 
1 pc. sterling coin 6mm
1 pc. sterling jumpring, 4mm
1 pc. sterling jumpring, 3mm
70cm cable chain, AR30, sterling silver

Begin by placing both coins on the jumpring. Next, lead the chain through the jumpring and close it with a 3mm jumpring. This chain doesn’t feature a locking mechanism, but is closed up with a jumpring. If the chain is shorter than 60cm, you will have to apply a lock instead of a jumpring.


Earrings with coins

Øreringe i sterlingsølv med mønt

For these earrings, the following materials were used:

2 pcs. sterling coin, 15mm 
1 pair earwires, oblong teardrop, sterling silver




Ørering i aflang dråbe facon i sterlingsølv med plade

Begin by attaching the coin to the earwire. Next, use a plier to carefully bend the pin upwards, as to make it parallel with the earwire.

Ørering i sterlingsølv inspiration


Earthreads with coins


Ørekæder i sterlingsølv med mønter

For these earrings, the following materials were used:

1 pair earthreads with peg and loop, sterling, 12cm
2 pcs. sterling coin, 6mm

Carefully open the eye of the earthread, place the coin, and close it again.


Earstuds with pads

Øreringe med mønter og anboret onyx perle

Here, i have made a variation of the floating pearls, where i applied pads instead of pearls.


Øreringe med små sten og sølvplader

For these earrings, the following materials were used:

1 pair earstuds with pads, 4mm, sterling
1 pair earstuds with cup and peg, sterling
2 pcs. sterling coin with hole inthe center, 12mm
2 pcs. hematite, round bead, half-drilled, 3mm


Ørestikker i sterlingsølv med plade med hul i midten

Begin, by leading the peg through the center hole of the coin. Next, apply the pearl to the peg by using an adhesive. You may have to cut off the tip of the peg, as to make the pearl rest on the face of the coin.

Ørestikker smyks med plade og svævende perle


Øreringe i sterlingsølv med plader



Lastly, switch out the earstud with cup and peg, with the earstud with pad. Your earrings are now done.


All of these jewellery pieces are available in gilded sterling silver.


Enjoy your new jewellery.


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