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øreringe med halvædelstene

Here you see a little collection of simple, elegantly shaped earrings which are very easy to make. We have combined round and cubic shapes in different ways and thereby created interesting contrasts.

Let this collection inspire you to play around with various shapes and materials – or just to copy the combinations presented in this blog. All the jewellery components are available in sterling silver, oxidised sterling silver and gilded sterling silver

We also have cube beads and half-drilled beads in numerous colours, sizes and materials in stock. You can find more design ideas, DIY tutorials and pictures of necklaces, bracelets  and earrings with cube beads in our  earlier blog article Jewellery with cube beads.


ørekrog med forgyldt rør

Open earwires with gilded tube

oxideret ørekrog

To assemble these earwires we used the following materials:

Apply a bit of adhesive on the lower part of the earwire. Slide the tube carefully on it. If you have applied a bit too much of glue, remove the excess adhesive as soon as possible.


oxideret ørekrog med solsten

Open earwires with cube beads

ørekrog med solsten og forgyldt rør

To assemble these earwires we used the following materials:

First, you slide the tubes on the earwires. Next, you glue the ends of the earwires into the cube beads.


ørekæde med vesuvianit


Earthreads with vesuvianite and green amethyst

ørekæde med vesuvianit og grøn ametyst

To assemble these earrings we used the following materials:

These earwires have a peg on either end. You slide one of the ends through the cube bead and push the cube bead to the other end – but not completely. Now you apply adhesive on the tip of the peg and glue it into the half-drilled bead.


ørekæde labradorit

Ohrketten mit Labradorit und Zirkonia

ørekæde med labradorit og zirkon

forgyldt ørekæde med cubes i labradorit

To assemble these earwires you need the following materials:

Glue the eyepin into the cube bead. Open the eyelets of the earthread carefully, insert the eyepin and close the eyelet again carefully.


Have fun making your own jewellery!


Have you got any comments, questions or suggestions? Please write in the commentary field below. Thank you!


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