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hårtilbehør med fjer

Accessories with feathers continue to be in vogue. Here you find some examples for hairbands, hair clips and brooches with feathers and instructions on how to make them.

Smyks has got a wide range of decorative feathers for your own jewellery design and production. New in stock are the ready-made layered feather combinations in beautiful colours.

For the brooch and the hair clip we chose goose and peafowl feathers, for the decoration of the hairbands we picked pheasant and Guinea fowl feathers.

Brooch with feathers

broche med fjer

broche med påfugl fjer

You need the following materials to assemble this brooch:


broche med skaft af sølv

First, you trim the shaft of the feather to make it fit into the curved tube bead. After that, you apply a bit of adhesive in the tube and glue the feather into it. Finally, you glue the brooch needle on the rear side.


Hairband with feather decoration

hårbøjle med blå fasan

hårbøjle med blå fasan

You need the following materials to assemble this headband:

The rear side of this feather decoration is made of felt, which makes it very easy to sew or glue it onto the hairband. In our example we additionally glued some small Swarovski crystals on the feathers.


Hairband with chain and feathers

hårbøjle med kæder og fjer


hårbøjle med perlehøne fjer

hårbøjle med fjer

You need the following materials to assemble this headband:


forgyldt hårbøjle

Apply a bit of adhesive inside the 9mm fold-over cord end and fasten it to one end of the hairband. Fold it and press it together. Now the hairband has got an eyelet to which we will attach the chains later in the process.

kæder og fjer af guinea perlehøne

Cut the chain into three pieces with different lengths: 13cm + 25cm + 28cm. Then you glue each single feather into one cord end with eyelet. In our example we used seven Guinea fowl feathers.

hårbøjle med fjer og kæder

Next, you fasten the feathers to the chain with jumprings. (You will find instructions on how to open and close and a jumpring correctly in this earlier DIY tutorial.) Attach one feather to one end of each chain and arrange the remaining feathers in regular intervals along the chains. Finally, you combine all three chains with a jumpring and fasten it to the eyelet on the hairband.

Hair clip with feathers

hårklips med påfugl fjer

hårklips med fjer

You need the following materials to assemble this hair clip:


fjer og buet rør til hårspænde

Trim the shaft of the feather to make it fit into the gilded tube.

hårspænde med forgyldt skaft og fasanfjer

Now you insert the upper part of the hair clip into the tube with the feather. You actually don’t need glue to make it stick but to be on the safe side you can apply a bit of adhesive inside the tube beforehand.



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