DIY – Semi-precious stone links, make your own earrings and bracelets

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Make your own jewelry with semi-precious stone links

In this blog post Smyks presents simple jewelry designs that you can make yourself with classic semi-precious stone links in different colours.

The stones are processed and hand mounted, characterised by each one having a unique appearance because the size and the shape varies a little from stone to stone. Links to the used materials in the webshop can be found further in the text.

gems in the link copy

The socket itself is in either sterling silver or gilded sterling silver, and you can, among many others, choose between amethyst, carnelian, chalcedony, turquoise, labradorite, citrine, lapiz lazuli and onyx.

Bracelets with semi-precious stones 
Make your own bracelet with a faceted amethyst link in a soft spring colour. Feminine and simple.


You’ll need the following materials:
1.5 meters of rose nylon cord(also available in green and grey)
1pc. amethyst gemstone-link
2pcs. silver coated crimp beads, inner diamter 2mm
1pc. chain closing with lobster clasp (inner diameter 2mm
approx. 5cm cable chain (only necessary if a chain extension is desired)



Carefully burn the cord ends with a lighter so it becomes sharp and can be fed through the eye on the amethyst link. Thread the cord through the eye, and then pull the link down to the middle of the cord. Thread a crimp bead on each end of the cord and pass them down until they reach the link. The beads should fasten without any help, but can additionally be fastened with a pair of Flat-Nosed pliers.


Glue both ends into the chain closing. It’s easier to glue them if you carefully burn them so that the ends melt together as shown above.



You now connect the cable chain with the chain closing by using a jumpring. You can easily leave out adding the cable chain, but it does make it possible to later adjust the length of the bracelet.


Here you see more examples of how stone-links can be used and have the ability to create exactly the colour combination you like.

Enjoy your bracelet.


You ca also use the links to create earrings. 
In the following we show you how to create earrings with labradorite stone-links and chain.

You’ll need the following materials:
2 pcs. gilded sterling silver stone-link with labradorite
16cm. cable chain dublé AR30
4pcs. 3mm gilded silver jumprings
1 pair of gilded earstuds with bead and eye.



NB: If you order stone-links online for earrings, it’s important that you make us  aware of this in the little notice box, so that we may send you the stones that are most alike, as the stones vary a little, as previously mentioned.



Connect the chain with the link with the use of a jumpring.


In the same manner, connect the other end of the link with the earstud, using the other jumpring.

In the same way, by using a chain and link, create a thin bracelet or use the link as decoration in a necklace.
Lastly, one of the eyes can also be removed with the use of a side cutter, transforming the link into a charm or a pendant for your bracelet. Additionally use a needle file to remove possible sharp edges where the eye has been.


Have fun with your own designs.

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