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Learn how to make your own stylish bracelet with rhinesstone chain and soutache.

Wraparmbånd med krystal og magnetlås

The quantity amounts are for a standard bracelet made to wrap around the wrist two times.

You will need:
approx. 40cm gilded 2.5mm rhinestone chain.
2 metres of  3mm soutache cord.
1pc. 5mm bayonet clasp or a simple magnetic clasp (as the one shown above) if made without leather cord, or 6mm with leather cord.
1 meter 0.3mm transparent nylon thread.
Jewelry glue.
Additionally 50cm normal 1.5mm black leather cord to put underneath the chain to give the bracelet more fullness (not used in the examples.)



rhinstenskæde og russiskflet bånd


Start på wraparmbånd med krystaller
Cut the soutache in two pieces in lengths of minimum 1 meter each.
Put them parallel with each other underneath the rhinestone cupchain.
Sew the ends together well with the nylon thread, and finish it off with 3 knots and a tiny dap of glue on the knot.
If you wish to make the bracelet thicker, you can add your 1.5-2mm leather cord underneath the cupchain (not shown in the example.)

Wraparmbånd i lilla med krystaller
Take the soutache closest to the back of the rhinestone chain and weave it to the right of the chain. Make sure it lies neatly in between the crystals. Weave it like this 5-8 times.
Armbånd med krystaller

Next take the other cord and wind it the other way 5-8 times, and then repeat until you reach the end of the chain. Do it in small lengths at a time to avoid the bracelet twisting when you’re done.

Lilla wraparmbånd med krystaller

Tip: Make it easier for yourself and secure one end of the bracelet to something like a clamp, so cords and chain can be held straight through your whole process.

Lukning på wraparmbånd med rhinsten på kæde

When the bracelet has reached the desired length (remember that the clasp will typically add an additional 1-2cm), tie the cords and chain together again tightly with nylon cord as done before.

wraparmbånd med rhinsten og kliklås i forgyldt stål

Trim the ends of the bracelet so that the nylon is hidden inside the clasp.
Make sure that the clasp fits in size, and has just enough space for the cords.
Now add glue to the inner walls of the clasp, and while twisting and pressing, put in the cords and let it dry.

Tip: If you choose to add leather cord, it will usually become hidden underneath the soutache, so do not worry too much about the colour. Experiment with different colours and colour combinations for your bracelet.


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