DIY Bracelet with patterned leather

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Fladt læder med tryk


Smyks has just recieved fine flat leather with pattern.

Use it to make beautiful and simple bracelets – or maybe a narrow belt. It is entirely up to you.

Here we have chosen to show how to make fine bracelets with the patterned leather.

The wide leather with a simple weave pattern you can get in redgrey and brown.

The wide leather with Celtic pattern you can get in dark brown.

The narrow bright leather with the text Love, Heart, Hope you can get in caramel brown and light brown.


Fladt læder armbånd i rød med mønster

How to make the bracelets.

You start by cutting the leather in the desired length, then you pinch the claps on to the leathers ends.

To be sure that the leather will not come out of the clasp, use a little glue on the leathers ends before you squeeze it together.

You can use pliers or needle-nose pliers to squeeze with. Be careful not to scratch it. For safety, you can place a piece of fabric between.

Then you take a 4 mm goldplated jumpring and fasten a lobster claw clasp on one end .

You then take a 4 mm goldplated jumpring and secure a 4 mm gold-plated cable chain at the other end .

You do not need to use cable chain, but it allows you to vary the size of the bracelet.

Brundt fladt læderarmbånd med skrift

Narrow bracelet with text

For the narrow bracelet with the text Love, Heart and Hope we have used a gold-plated clasp set .

You cut the leather in the desired length, and then squeeze the clasp on to the ends of the leather. As a precaution, you can put some glue on the ends of the leather before you squeeze together, so you are sure it holds.

I hope that the bracelets shown above has given you  a lot of inspiration, so you can make your own bracelets.

We love comments, questions or ideas – so if you want to give us any feedback , please write in the comment box below.

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