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Armbånd med silkebånd og charms

Silkearmbånd med charms


Try out the new, soft silk cords from Smyks next time you want to make a bracelet. The cord has a soft cotton core lined with real silk. See our whole selection of silk cords here.


silkearmbånd med perlecharms

This bracelet is made with 8mm brown silk cord. You will need approx. 60cm. for a bracelet like this, if you want it to wrap around your wrist 3 times. Add your charms and beads to the cord, then finish it by gluing the tips into a magnetic clasp. Here we have used a frosted gilded steel 6mm magnetic clasp. The charms you see on this bracelet are 2 gilded steel charms with crystals, one clear crystal teardrop, and one mint green teardrop. We have used one 6mm frosted gilded steel bead, and one grooved gilded starust bead.


Mintgrønt silkearmbånd med forgyldte charms

We have used approx. 40cm. 8mm mint green silk cord.In the same way as above, add your charms and beads, and then glue the ends into a magnetic clasp. We have used a gilded steel charm with a purple crystal heart, and a gilded stardust bead with crystals. We have used the same magnetic clasp as the one above.


silkearmbånd i sort med forgyldte charms

Here, we have used approx. 60cm. 8mm black silk cord. We have used one gilded steel charm with a pink teardrop, as well as one black crystal teardrop. We have used the same grooved stardust bead in gilded steel, and the simple frosted bracelet bead. The magnetic clasp is the same as the one used in the examples shown above.


silkearmbånd med perlecharms


The silk cord is also available in 4mm, in light sand and black. We have used gilded brass spacer beads with eyes, which have a 4.7mm hole. Attached to the spacer beads we have hung different zirconia, using headpins in gilded sterling silver with plate, which have been put through the crystal and then formed into an eye. The ends, like in the other examples, have been glued into a magnetic clasp. Here we have used a matte gilded magnetic steel clasp in 4mm.

We hope you have been inspired to make yoru own bracelets. This silk cord is very well-suited to replace leather cord, and gives the bracelets a more exlusive look. They are simple and easy to make yourself due to the softness of the cord, which makes it possible for it to fit charms with a hole size down to 4.5mm.

For questions, comments or ideas – leave a comment in the section below.

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