DIY | Necklaces with rough semi-precious stones

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halskæder med rå halvædelstene i silkesnore og kæder

Smyks has acquired an exquisite new selection of rough semi-precious stones.

The stones are without holes and are therefore suitable for necklaces, where you wrap wire around the stone and in doing so, create your own decorative necklace.

Rå halvædelsten med viklet tråd

Necklace with rough agate and silk wire

agat med nylonsnor


For this necklace, the following materials were used:

1 pc. rough semi-precious stone without hole( this example uses the electroplated agate)
(the rough semi-precious stones are sold in a pack of 12 pcs.)
ca. 25cm gilded copper wire, 0,6mm
(while you can use every kind of wire, 0,6mm is recommended)
ca. 80cm woven nylon cord, sand/grey colored
round-nose pliers
+ 2 x chain-nose pliers
side-cutter pliers

rå agat med forgyldt tråd


You begin by wrapping the wire around your stone. You make the pattern of your own choosing. When you are done wrapping, both ends of the wire has to be positioned right next to each other – this will be where you want the “eye” to be located.

agat med forgyldt tråddekoration

Here you see the backside of the stone. There is no definitive way of doing this. You will have to experiment and see, which way suits your tastes the best.

agat vedhæng med tråd

After finding your pattern, you will now have to use the two ends of the wire to produce the aforementioned “eye”. Remember to turn the “eye” in the right direction. This would be in accordance to the direction you want the stone to hang.
Here you can see smyks guide to making the “eyes”.

halskæde med rå agat

With the “eye” done, you now pull the cord through it. In this example, the cord iss tied in a knot behind the neck, but you can also choose to glue a lobster claw in the end of it.

Rå halvædelsten uden hul med forskellige design af viklet forgyldt tråd


Here are some examples of different wire patterns and how much of a visual difference there can be, just from wrapping the wire around the stone in various ways.


Enjoy your new necklaces.



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