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halskæder med stjernetegn

Today we are going to show you how to make your own jewellery with zodiac constellations.

Zodiac constellations are a common denominator for the 12 groups of stars, stretching out in the night sky. Figure out which group of stars are present in your zodiac, and map out the clearest stars in that constellation. The star group consists of many a star, so more often than not, you will have different verssions of the same zodiac constellation.

The size of the coins and the size of the crystals have both been a primary factor, in figuring out which stars to use and how many could fit on the coins.

All the crystals used in this blog, are of the crystals for encasing nature, which means that they are applied with an adhesive, which melts when used with a hotfix applicator. Sadly, you cannot use this method when using the adhesive on non-porous surfaces, which is also why, the crystals are glued onto the coins.

forgyldt mønt med stjernetegn


Zodiac constellation “The Cancer”

stjernekonstellation krebs

Here you can see, how the cancer constellation looks.

stjernetegn med krystaller

To make the Cancer zodiac, the following materials are needed:

1 stk. gilded sterling coin, 15mm
4 stk. hotfix glass rhinestones, mixed colors
1 stk. locking tweezers
+ Jewellery adhesive, GS Hypo cement (Loctite adhesive cannot be used in this process. Sadly, it discolors easily)

I have chosen to go with 4 stars from the Cancer constellation.

Step one: mark the coin in the places where you want to place the crystals. In this example I have used a magic marker with a thin tip.

zodiac stjernetegn

Step two: apply a little adhesive on the coin and use the tweezer to place the first crystal.

zodiac stjernekonstellation krebs

Step three: apply the same method with the remaining crystal.

You have now, through a couple of simple steps, made the zodiac of your choosing. It can be used as either a necklace or as earrings.

If you want to use the zodiac coin as a necklace, i recommend installing a 5mm jumpring in the coin, using a 50cm cable chain and finishing up with a 4mm jumpring in the neck area of the chain.

kreoler med stjernetegn og forgyldte mønter

øreringe med forgyldt plade og sorte krystaller

WARNING! To avoid discolorisation of the components used in this guide, we recommend the special Hotfix adhesive, Hypo Cement, which can be bought at Smyks.

Hypo Cement Glue for Jewelry Making

For questions, comments or suggestions – please write in the commentary field below.

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