DIY Necklace with beading wire

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Halskæde med rav og grøn turmalin

Smyks here shows you how to make your own beautiful necklace with pearl wire and semi-precious stones.

Materialer til halskæde med halvædelsten og wire


For this necklace you’ll need the following materials:

1pc. bead strand with amber and green tourmaline mix
1pc. approx. 60 cm wire (also called tiger tail) metallic 0.2mm
2pcs. gilded silver, closed 4mm jumprings
2pcs. gilded silver, open 4mm jumprings
2pcs. gilded brass crimp beads
2pcs. gilded silver 4mm crimp covers
1pc. gilded silver 9mm lobster claw clasp 
1pc. approx. 8cm of gilded cable chain.

Wire med lukket ring og wireklemme

Start out by threading the beading wire through the crimp bead. Next pull it through the closed jumpring, and then back through the crimp bead, creating a loop.

Wire og wireklemme

Then push the crimp bead all the way to the jumpring, and with a lot of force, squeeze it completely flat. Alternatively, you can use a pair of professional crimp pliers for maximal durability, or you can use a pair of normal flat-nosed pliers as shown here.

wireklemme og wireklemmeskjuler

Then cut off the excess wire around 3-4 cm from the crimp bead. It strengthens the wire if a little bit is left, but only if there is enough wire to feed it back through the bead.
A flat squeezed crimp bead doesn’t look very good, and for this purpose you can use a crimp cover to hide it. A crimp cover is an open ball that you put on around the crimp bead, and then carefully squeeze it close, so that it looks like a little ball at the end of the wire.


Here you see what it looks like when the crimp cover is closed. You use a pair of normal flat nosed pliers or a pair of narrow flat nosed pliers to carefully close the crimp cover.

Halvædelsten på wire

Start feeding the wire through the stone beads.

Halskæde med turmaliner og wire

Move to the other end of the necklace. Now in the same way as before, thread a crimp bead through into the wire, then a jumpring  and then pull the wire back through the crimp bead and squeeze it flat.  Then, as before, cover the crimp bead with a crimp cover.


Halskæde med karabinlås


Now you need to add a chain and clasp to your necklace. In one of the ends you’ll need a 4mm jumpring and a lobster claw clasp.

Afslutning på armbånd med karabinlås


Connect the closed jumpring to the lobster claw clasp with the normal jumpring.

Halskæde på wire med kædeforlænger

In theo ther end of the necklace you’ll need a 4mm jumpring and approximately 8 cm of cable chain. A cable chain is a chain consisting of closed 4mm jumprings, so the lobster claw clasp can hook itself onto it.

Halskæde med halvædelsten og forgyldt kædeforlænger

Attach the cable chain to the jumpring with a 4mm jumpring.

Kædeforlænger og karabinlås i forgyldt sterlingsølv

You can now close the necklace in the length you’d like.

Halskæde med halvædelsten på wire med wireklemmer

Note that you don’t need to add a cable chain to your necklace. The cable chain just ensures and adjustable length to your necklace.

Halskæde med peridot og buddha vedhæng i jade


Shown here is a necklace made in the same way. Here is used 2 strands of peridot as well as a buddha charm in green jade.

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