DIY Chistmas decorations in cobber and gold

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julepynt med kobber og guld is proud to present a collection of Christmas decorations for window display, hanging on the christmas tree and more. The colour palette is inspired by current interior design trends where cobber and other golden metals are a big hit. Use them in your home or as an original gift idea with our gift boxes.

The first ornaments found beneath are all made in the same way. Take a headpin/eyepin, gently open the eye with a pair of chain-nose pliers and attach the bottom part of the decoration, then close the eye. Next, fill up the headpin with beads of your choice. Remember to leave a bit of headpin in order to make an eye at the top. If you wish to hang the ornaments on your christmas tree, attach a large S-hook. This hook can be wrapped out of steel wire or gilded copper wire.
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julepynt med kobber og guld julepynt med guld og kobber og krystallerjulepynt med kobber og guld og kuglerjulepynt med guld og kobber og trekant

Mix yourself and create your very own unique versions. The different materials used for the ornaments above can be found in the following product categories:

Flat pendants, coins, hearts, stars (gilded)

Gilded steel beads

Gilded glue-in ends & snap lock clasps, golden

Gold plated Beads and Charms

Headpins and Barbells

Gilded jumprings and bails

The bottom components can be found in the following product categories from the webshop:

Pom poms, feathers and tassels

Crystal encrusted gold plated beads and charms 

Note: The star charm beneath comes attached to a lobster claw clasp. We have removed the clasp for this ornament and only used the star.

julepynt med fjer og krystallerjulepynt med stjerne og krystallerjulepynt med oval dråbe og krystallerjulepynt med oval dråbejulepynt med stjerne og fjer

You can find direct links to the specific jewelry pieces here.

Have fun and enjoy your new chic decorations.


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