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keyhanger med ur

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Nøglekæde med ur

Here are a few examples on how you can use watches in combination with the popular key hangers.

Nøglekæder med rå urskiver

Lang urkæde med nøgle

We have used the following materials to make the keyhangers with rose gold and black watches above:

1pc. rose gilded sports watch
2pcs. black steel extender rings
Approx. 1 meter round-stitched black 5mm leather cord
2pcs. oxidised Sterling silver oval spacer rings
1pc. black steel 8mm cord end
1pc. black steel split ring

You start out by dividing the leather in two pieces. Here we have one of the pieces 80cm., and the other piece 20cm. Put the 80cm. piece through the watch’s top eye, feed the two ends through the spacer ring and pull it down to the watch, hereby tying the two ends together . Close it at the back with another knot. Now take the last 20cm. piece and repeat. Glue the cord ends of the 20cm. into the steel cord ends, and finally attach the split key ring to the cord ends.

Nøglekæde med urskive i sort og gul


You will need the following materials to make this keyhanger in black and yellow:

1pc. watchface in yellow and black
2pcs. extender rings in black steel
Approx. 1 meter of yellow paracord
1pc. tube bead
1pc. black steel split ring

Start out by feeding the paracord through the eye on top of the watch. Next pull the cord through the tube bead, and push the bead down to the watch. This keyhanger is finished off with a knot in the back as well. Finally add the key ring to the bottom eye of the watch.

Nøglekæde i grå med urskive

For this keyhanger with black crystal watch and gray braided strap, you’ll need the following materials:

1pc. black watch face with crystals
Approx. 3 metres of gray paracord
1pc. 8mm black steel cord end steel split ring

Start out by cutting 2 x 80cm. of the paracord. Tie the two pieces to the upper eye of the watch face. Close it with a classic maracmé slip knot. You can also close it with just a common knot. Then cut 2 x 20cm. of the paracord, which you tie to the bottom eye of the watch. Over these 4 cords, braid with the rest of your paracord, you will approximately have 1 meter to braid with. Glue all the ends into the cord end, and attach the split ring.

Keyhanger med kæde og sølvfarvet ur

You’ll need the following materials to make this keyhanger with a steel watch and chain:

1pc. steel watch face
Approx. 80cm. silver plated cable chain
4pc. 4mm silver plated jumprings
1pc. steel split ring

Cut the chain into 3 parts. One 68cm piece and two 6cm pieces. Attach the chain to the top part of the watch with a split ring in each ends. You will need to squeeze the jumprings tightly together to prevent them from moving around on the screw bars. Take the two last pieces of chain and secure them onto the bottom screws in the same manner. Lastly put the split ring through the cable chain.

We hope we have inspired you to design and make your own keyhangers with watches. See also the related blog posts about how to make the popular watch bracelets.

urarmbånd i slangeskind


Armbånd med brynjekæde og ur

Bracelet with watch in snake or lambskin

Armbånd med ur og paracord

Wrist watch with armour chain and leather

Knyttet armbånd med guldperler og ur

Knotted wrist watch with square steel beads

Nøglekæder i rundsyet læder

Necklace key holders

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