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fingerringe med halvædelsten og shell pearls

Make these elegant and super easy finger rings.

You can mix them, and wear several on one hand, or choose to only wear one of them for a more simple look.


Rings with smoky Quartz

fingerringe med røgkvarts

For these rings, we have used the following materials (seen from left to right):

1pc. gilded 18mm hoop earring + 2pcs. faceted smoky quartz teardrops
1pc. gilded brass finger ring with peg + 1pc. half-drilled faceted 8mm smoky quartz bead
1pc. gilded 18mm hoop earring + 1pc. half-drilled 6mm faceted smoky quartz bead+ 1pc. in 8mm
+ glue

NB: The colour on the brass ring fades easily, so avoid washing your hands wearing them. You can choose the ring in gilded sterling silver higher quality and longer endurance – also available in silver. File down the peg to match the hole in the bead.

Rings with aventurine, green agate and prehnite


Fingerringe med agat og aventurin

Til disse ringe er der brugt følgende materialer: (set fra venstre mod højre)

1pc. gilded 18mm hoop earring + 2pcs. half-drilled aventurine beads
1pc. gilded brass finger ring with peg + 1pc. 8mm half-drilled green agate
1pc. gilded 18mm hoop earring+ 2pcs. half-drilled beads, 8mm green agate + 6mm faceted prehnite (currently out of stock)
+  glue

Below we’ll show you an example on how to make the rings.

All of the rings shown above are made with the same method, except the single-bead rings, where the peg of the finger ring has just been dipped in glue, and then inserted into the bead.

Fingerring med anboret aventurin

In the example, we are creating the aventurine ring. For rings made with hoop earrings, you will need a side-cutter.

Fingerring med aventurin


Start out by cutting off the eye of the hoop.


Ring med aventurin

Next put a tiny dab of glue onto the newly cut end of the earring and secure one of your beads.

færdige forgyldt fingerring med anboret aventurin

Next add a little bit of glue to the other tip of the hoop, and attach the other bead.

Your ring is now done. Fast, simple and easy to make – and it can even expand and shrink to fit different sizes.

Inspiration til fingerringe med grønne agater og aventuriner

Inspiration til fingeringe med anborede røgkvarts



Pearl rings

Fingeringe med shell pearls

Til disse fingerringe er der brugt følgende materialer:

3pcs. gilded brass finger ring with peg
1pc. 10mm half-drilled shell pearl
1pc. 5mm half-drilled freshwater pearl
1pc. 4mm half-drilled freshwater pearl

Put a dab of glue on the tip of the peg and in the cup, and insert it in your pearl.

Remember to check the depth of your pearl to make sure the peg isn’t showing. If it’s too long, cut off the excess (rather too much than too little) and make sure your bead fits into the cup.

You can use them seperately or together, as shown above, all on one finger.


Berry-bead rings


Fingeringe med bærkugler

For these rings, you’ll need the following materials:

1pc. gilded sterling silver finger ring with peg
1pc. faceted berry-bead. These beads are available in many different stones, here we have shown carnelian, smoky quartz and prehnite.

These berry-beads consist of faceted stones around a fabric core which can easily be stuck a hole in.

First poke a hole in the berry-bead with the peg of your ring. If you have trouble with this, you can use an awl and make the hole. Next put a little glue onto the peg and into the cup, and press it into the berry-bead.

Your berry-bead finger ring is now done!


Rings with enamel coins

Fingerringe med emaljeplader

Til disse fingerringe er der brugt følgende materialer: (set fra venstre mod højre)

1pc. finger ring in gilded steel with 10mm plate+ 1pc. 16mm gilded blue-green enamel coin
1pc. finger ring in gilded sterling silver with 7mm plate+ 1pc. 12mm gilded dark green enamel coin
1pc. finger ring in gilded sterling silver with 7mm plate + 1pc. 8mm gilded white enamel coin
+ lim

Note that the finger rings in gilded steel are available in several sizes, including adjustable.

Forgyldte fingeringe med emajle

Put a little bit of glue onto the plate, and glue the coin in place. If you scratch the surface of the plate a little bit with a file, it will make the coin stick better.

You can wear several rings at the same time – try wearing 3 rings on the same finger with different coin sizes.


Enjoy your new rings.

Feel free to leave a comment, idea and critique in the section below.

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